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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Monkey Boy

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Adrienne said...

Kids these days ... they grow up so fast!

Benn said...

Hmmmm that's a tough one.
I like the orange background one but for some reason I keep oing back to the green BG one. Seems to suit him more....

He also blends into the green BG more and stand out from the orange one depends on what you want to go for. subtly or POW!

Man, he looks all weird all growed up! ^_^ I guess it happens to the best of us, it happens to the rest of us. LOL

Also, what is that crazy contraption in his pocket? Some kinda space weapon? AHAHAHA... I miss my Sony tape walkman. R.I.P.

Great drawing as usual!

Your art makes me smile!


Chynna Clugston said...


(He's not grown up here, actually. I'm just drawing him a bit differently! More accurately, I guess.)

Travis said...

At first glance I thought he was wearing a Happy Hollow shirt from Cursive.


But the more I think about it, the less sense it makes...

Chynna Clugston said...

Happy Mondays, since BM takes place in the early-mid '90s. : )

Theamay said...

Monkey Boy's too cool for school.