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Monday, November 19, 2007

Alan Walsh


Ken said...

Looks great. New cover to Painted Moon? Sadly, I might actually be re-buying the series because of these.

Chynna Clugston said...

I think this is actually the cover to Absolute Beginners- we're reprinting as needed, so we went 1, 3, 2 if memory doesn't fail me. Which it often does because I am spacey.


Anthony Holden said...

Long time no see. Are you going to be at Comicon this year?

Ali Blackwell said...

Would it throw you on a mind bender to say that Blue Monday was hugely influential in both the art and music areas of my high school years? I didn't even know what good music was until reading BM for the first time! Thanks for turning me into a better person, Chynna.