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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

इंग्लिश वेर्सिओं ऑफ़ पोर्ट्रेट ऑफ़ थे आर्टिस्ट फ्रॉम 2004


Bubblestar said...

When is new Blue Monday or Strangetown due out (perhaps in the new year)?
Merry xmas wishes!

Anthony Holden said...

So THAT's where the magic comes from?!
I gotta get me some banana peels.

jacob said...

Mrs Clugston, Do you do commission sketches?
I was really hoping to get one for my wife for Valentines day. Would you email me if interested? willijaa@IUPUI.edu

I_Hate_Books said...

I'm just glad to see the creative process is still being employed! So speaking of can I ask what we can look foreword to from you in 2011? I've been dying to read some more Chynna comics - I'm itching to get my fix!