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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chynna's Broke-@$$ Mac Fund

On June 26th, my ancient Macintosh finally flipped me the bird, grabbed its stuff, stole a few of my records and walked out the proverbial door. 
Times being what they are, most freelance comic book artists and writers are not exactly rolling in mountains of dough. Most of us have part or full-time work outside of our chosen profession to make ends meet, we hustle on various career-related jobs on top of that, or are (like so many out there) dealing with unemployment and job searches. It's in this uncertain climate that the most important tool of my trade outside of my drawing board completely broke, and has left me up the creek in more ways than one. 
Anyone who really knows me also knows I don't like asking for things if I can avoid it, but after some serious prodding by very down-to-earth folks who care, I've created this small fundraiser designed to help me get a new iMac so I can continue to scan, clean, grayscale (or color) my comic art, write my scripts, flat pages for colorists, teach myself new programs, send and receive art, scripts and reference materials, communicate effectively with my editors, fellow creators and readers, and generally antagonize the internet at large as I am wont to do.
A widget has been established on the right hand side of  this blog. Any help towards this goal is greatly, greatly appreciated, in all seriousness, from the very bottom of my extremely goofy, comic-creatin' heart.


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JC said...

Hey, Chyna! Just wanted to give you a heads-up of what to expect from a new Mac, software-wise.

When Lion (OS X 10.7) was released last year, a lot of people were very dismayed because their 2004 or older versions of software like MSOffice and the Adobe suites were no longer compatible with their computers.

Basically, any Power PC software will not work with the Lion operating system. For a lot of people, that meant having to shell out extra money to buy the newest versions of those suites, just so they'd be able to continue working. (It also meant a lot of angry calls to apple tech support >.< )

If your 'puter is as old as you say, this may be a problem you run into with whatever new one you buy, as those all (unless you buy it refurbed from a third party) will come pre-installed with Lion.

I'd say dig up the tech specs on all your productivity software and make sure none of it has "Power PC" printed anywhere. If it does, either try to find a computer that still has Mac OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) on it, or be ready to buy the 2010-or-later versions of the software.

Good luck!